What We Do

Meaning  +  Impact  =  Growth

I N N E R / B R A N D solutions helps clients create and understand brand meaning.  This is based on deep understanding of how consumers connect with and attach to brands, how they ascribe brand meaning, and how brands fit in people’s lives on both emotional and behavioral levels.

Some projects involve planning, conducting, and drawing insights from primary qualitative consumer research. Other projects focus on taking a fresh look at existing primary or secondary research to uncover insights from information that clients already have, but whose full power has not yet been unlocked.  The goal is to increase the brand’s value to consumers and shareholders alike through a rich understanding of brand meaning.

Although every project is custom, output always includes recommendations on how to think and talk about the brand in ways that strenthen the brand story.  This perspective leads directly to implications that will inspire your team and create a strategic road map for the brand growth and vitality.