Our Services Include…

Traditional and non-traditional qualitative research

  • focus groups, small groups, dyads/triads, one-on-ones
  • at facilities, in situ (on location, in home), online
  • with all audiences: consumers, professionals, experts, opinion leaders, internal stakeholders
  • U.S. and global project management, implementation, and analysis
  • using range of techniques: direct and indirect questioning, projective tools/tasks (homework, storytelling, image selection, personification, guided imagery)

Market analysis

  • situation analysis, competitive intelligence-gathering, competitive assessment
  • target audience analysis and segmentation
  • trend spotting

Positioning and strategy development

  • positioning analysis, concept writing/refinement
  • identifying attitudinal and behavioral segments and bringing the segments to life
  • brand architecture

Team building and facilitation

  • workshops, ideation, inspiring  brand teams and the creative process

Report writing

  • organizing the learning, extracting meaning and significance