Brand Stories

Great brands have their own lives, their own stories.  Brand stories are important because they help create brand identity, meaning, and impact.

I N N E R / B R A N D solutions is a boutique qualitative research consultancy that helps marketers undertand and leverage their brand stories.

Consumers “know” your brand through its persona, and they assess whether your messaging and their brand experiences reinforce a coherent, relatable, and relevant persona.

A strong brand generates strong emotional attachment, and compelling brand stories deepen that commitment. Contradictions or dissonance weaken the persona and confuse the story.

We help marketers answer deep and fundamental questions about their brand story:

  • What does your brand really mean and stand for?
  • What is the essence of your brand persona, and what role does that persona play in your overall brand narrative?
  • How does your brand interact with other brands?
  • What is the consumer’s context for understanding what your brand story is… or could become?
  • How can your brand story be stronger and drive profitable brand growth?