Emotional Intelligence

Inspiring Brand Love

Strong brands evoke strong emotional responses: loyalty, trust, even devotion.  Eliciting those responses starts with undertanding consumers fully, richly, and from multiple perspectives.

  • What are consumers’ deep, underlying desires, and how do brands relate to them?
  • How can marketers tap into consumers’ changing needs in varying contexts?  How is decision-making influecnced by universal human tendencies to live hopefully and make time meaningful?
  • “It’s not what you say that counts, it’s what they hear.”

Today’s technology offers new access to consumers’ language and worlds, both personal and cultural.  When people talk, we must listen… attentively and skillfully… and then decipher what they really mean.  But consumer intelligence isn’t just verbal.

Tapping into consumers’ visual narratives offers a different form of accesss to their inner worlds, where pre-verbal logic is created and expressed.  Visual narratives often expose deeper—often archetypal—meaning and sense-making.